Season Two Premiere Date!

Hey subscribers – it’s been about a month since you last heard from me. Season One has ended and HotB is on hiatus right now. But NOT FOR LONG! Because I’m here to announce the date of the Season Two premiere!

Season Two will be picking back up in November with its usual time – Monday evenings. Which means Season Two, Episode One will be up Monday November 2. ::confetti::

For all you writers out there reading this, you may recognize November as being the best and worst month of the year for writers, because it’s National Novel Writing Month (where my novel C8 got its start last year). The goal is to have most of the writing for HotB season two done before November starts so I can dedicate time to writing my ~new novel~ (title TBA – the working title is embarrassingly terrible so I refuse to tell it to anyone). Stay tuned for more updates, and send me your thoughts and prayers as I have undoubtedly just overcommitted myself.

Like my author page on Facebook and subscribe to this serial so you don’t miss any updates! Oh, and go share HotB with two new people. They’ll have time to catch up before Season Two premieres. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for bonus material…say what?

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