Episode 2.3 Now Up!

Another Monday, another episode. Feels weird writing about my characters in a refugee camp as I’ve been thinking about the refugee crisis (or, actually, crises, as many parts of the world are war-torn and dangerous). Part of why I started writing Home of the Brave was to experiment with what it would be like if America experienced war the way other countries are. Although my series is far, far, far from the realities of war and life as a refugee, I have been trying to imagine this not just as a work of fiction in which we follow the romantic lives of young adults like Anna, Paul, Kennedy, Jamie, and JJ, but as a thought experiment. Because war is real. Anyway, I wanted to say this, since the news cycle this past week has got a lot of people thinking about how to “handle” Syrian refugees looking for safety. My story could never do these realities justice, but I hope it makes you think.

Click here to read the latest installment, 2.3 – Reunited.

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