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Protection from Vaxx Shedding Top Medical Experts Share Proven Protocols

Can you really pick up the spike protein even if you’re not vaxxed? Yes, according to Dr. Mark Sherwood, a renowned naturopathic doctor, you can. And this can happen when you’re exposed to anyone who has gotten the C-19 shot. “Having said that, I have no concern if someone is “shedding” because I have, as noted by a blood test even last week, still over 4,800 SARS-CoV-2 anti-spike antibodies present in my blood.” But all our experts agree that it doesn’t mean you need to live in fear. There are protocols that you can follow to make sure your immune system is strong enough to overcome any symptoms post-exposure. You can also detox your body from shedding.

Ultimate Vaxx Detox Guide Reverse Damage from the Deadly COVID “Vaccine”

The most lethal bioweapon known to humanity has been unleashed on the world. And it’s not COVID as the global government wanted us to believe… It’s the so-called COVID “vaccine”. We’ve seen sudden deaths and all-cause diseases skyrocket since the rollout of these clot shots. Children are dying. Young people and sports professionals are having heart attacks. It’s time for the world to know the TRUTH. These were designed to kill. But, we are not doomed and we do NOT need to live in fear. There are solutions that are helping people to reverse some of the most debilitating post-jab injuries. Our experts have seen it over and over again.

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Beat COVID Naturally Why Strong Natural Immunity is More Effective Than the Jab

More than 5.42 BILLION people worldwide have received a dose of a Covid-19 clot shot, which is around 70% of the world population. Studies are showing that the jab is both deadly and ineffective. They’re also showing that natural immunity is way more robust than any so-called acquired immunity. Fauci himself admitted that COVID-19 vaccines do not protect “overly well” against C0V!D infection. AND Multiple studies have shown that children and young adults have a very low risk of dying from the infection. So why are they failing to advocate for natural immunity and instead pushing the lethal jab?

Long-Haul COVID & Vaxx Recovery Protocols Successfully Reverse Ongoing Symptoms

Have you been afraid for your livelihood due to what’s going on in the world? I have a young family, and I feel it’s my duty to discover what’s going on, and find the solutions, not only for my family, but for everyone I can help in the world… for YOU. Many Americans are currently bracing themselves for MASSIVE upheaval… We’ve never been so politically and socially DIVIDED… And so deeply in DEBT… The perfect storm is coming… The collapse of the housing market, stock market, and the current financial system… Most people assume it’s safe to invest in S&P 500 stocks for financial security… But, I recently interviewed Kirk Elliot, a wealth manager for 27 years… And he revealed why this is not the best option with the current economic climate. So what can we do to financially prepare ourselves for the worst? I share all of this vital information in this eBook, Fighting for Freedom: Expert Advice and Tools to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Highly Effective Censored COVID Treatments to Prevent Serious Illness These are the treatments the global government is trying to keep hidden

Discover what they’ve tried so hard to keep censored It’s not hard to discover the truth, what’s hard is seeing past their lies. The global government has so much control and power that manipulates the media to spread misinformation… And so many people see the media as the ones sharing the “truth”… And they believe the lies. We see it again and again, “fact-checks” and censorship… Why would they be trying so hard to keep it hidden? Some of the most world-renowned experts have revealed research that shows this is a man-made “virus” – which we now know is not even a virus, but rather mass envenomation.

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Autoimmune Answers Series digital access

Bring 70 world-leading expert doctors, scientists, and patients that have reversed their autoimmune conditions into your home. You’ll have ALL the tools, tips and techniques at your fingertips to prevent, reverse, and overcome chronic, painful autoimmune diseases once and for all!

  • Discover what autoimmune disease is and the many forms it can take (over 100 diseases, including diabetes, Lyme disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease)
  • Learn about the actual ROOT CAUSES of autoimmune disease
  • Uncover the corruption in the health industry that leads to autoimmune disease (or inhibits healing)
  • Find out what side-effects pharmaceuticals can have in autoimmune disease
  • Realize that there IS hope, even if you’ve been told there is no hope, no cure
  • Discover steps you can take to prevent and even recover from autoimmune disease

Yours FREE — $297 Value

COVID Detox: Reversing “Vaccine” Injuries & Spike Protein Shedding

With OVER 1 MILLION vaxx-related injuries and deaths…

People around the globe are in desperate need of solutions. The so-called “pandemic” has already cost so many people their lives… Many of which could’ve been saved with these treatments and protocols.

That’s why we’re sharing them with you. These highly effective solutions are leading to miraculous recoveries in people with post-related injuries… (And these are just as useful for detoxing from vaxx shedding)

COVID Uncensored: Top Doctors Reveal Life-Saving Treatments and Protocols to Reverse COVID and “Vaccine” Injuries

Men and women all over the world are fighting for justice and their medical freedom. It’s time for ALL of us to band together, educate ourselves with the truth about what’s really going on, and TAKE A STAND.

The tyranny we face must end and the only way that can happen is by, first, understanding your personal rights. After that, you need to take a good hard look at what they are planning for the future.

Cancer Surge: Post-Vaxx Cancer Epidemic & Effective Solutions for Remission

Experts concerned as cancer rates go through the roof post-vaxx rollout

A doctor shares how he usually sees kidney cancer every 5, 10 years, now in the last month after the boosters, he’s seen 5. And this is just one of many concerned health experts as they’re seeing an increase in all kinds of cancers post-vaxx – many of them proving to be fatal.

But there are also experts who have successfully been treating cancer patients, even patients who are considered terminally ill. And these are treatments that don’t use chemotherapy, steroids, and other heavy drugs.

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Vaccine Injury Recovery & Immune Priming Masterclass

Three of America’s top natural medicine doctors will show you how to boost immunity naturally and effectively, help prevent COVID and other infections, and equip your immune system to fight off any invading viruses.

Now is the time to learn the natural ways to protect your body and rid yourself of any toxins and environmental agents that can cause you harm. Each expert doctor we’ve interviewed has their own unique perspective that, when put together, creates a comprehensive plan that can protect you from most anything thrown your way.

Here’s a small glimpse at the vast amount of information you’ll find inside this powerful Masterclass (yours free when you purchase while episodes are still airing).

  • Learn which nutrients will help boost your immune system and protect you from any outside invaders
  • Discover which nutraceuticals our top doctor recommends for early treatment of COVID (Jane Orient shares her exact protocol she’s discovered via strenuous research)
  • Find out which protocol safely and effectively detoxes toxins and heavy metals from the COVID jab (even if you don’t get the jab, you’ll want to understand this information)

And that’s not all, take a look at everything we’ve included for you below…

  • 5 videos with Dr. Henry Ealy
  • 4 videos with Dr. Bryan Ardis
  • 3 videos with Dr. Jonathan Murphy

12 total videos, all your on-demand

12 transcripts included of every single video
12 MP3s for listening on-the-go

All recordings will be stored in your membership area and transcribed for you to read.​

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9-Module Masterclass: Brain Healing Breakthrough

In this powerful masterclass you’ll learn answers to neurodegenerative disease, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as anxiety and depression so you can make sure to prevent these awful diseases in you or a loved one’s brain. Not only will our experts give you detailed information on prevention, they’ll also share with you the causes of these powerful diseases so you know exactly what to avoid right now to guarantee

Yours FREE — $497 Value


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